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Heritage Park of San Angelo



Heritage Park is a downtown oasis providing a unique environment for people to learn about the rich cultural heritage of West Texas.

The vision of Heritage Park began when J. Willis Johnson Ill wanted to see an underutilized area of downtown transferred into a welcoming haven for both residents and tourists. A committee was then formed to develop a "pocket park" to realize his vision.

The Park encompasses a signature water feature, inviting architectural elements and a variety of native plants. A hand sculptured statue of a rancher and his horse will depict the essence of our West Texas heritage. Also featured is a vintage rainwater capture system promoting water conservation. A small presentation area highlights ancestral histories and serves as a gathering place for special family occasions.

Heritage Park also includes a signature educational program designed to instill a tradition of learning in younger generations. Elements of the Park coordinate with school curriculums to provide students an enhanced opportunity to learn about the past in a way that will positively impact their future.






Pocket Park (noun) - A pocket park is a small, welcoming site, typically in a downtown area that provides a respite for visitors and shoppers, including shade, seating and ambiance. Heritage Park will be the first pocket park in San Angelo. It is thoughfully designed to be a magical place that welds West Texas' proud past to its modern, progressive present and its bright, promising future.